"Stella Needs Butterfly Kisses Too, Mama"

Me: Kensley, what are you doing?
Kensley: Putting lipstick on Stella.
Me: Why?
Kensley: Because she likes pink the best.

The things that come out of Kensley's mouth can be rather impressive.

Other times, I try to pretend I didn't hear her speak.

Here's some of our latest conversations.

Me: Kensley, did you poop?  Something stinks.
Kensley: Nope - I'm just a skunk.

Me: Kensley, do you love Nana?
Kensley: No, I just love Nana's play kitchen.

Rob: I heard Mama made you pancakes.  What did they taste like?
Kensley: Socks.

After being visited by the sandman: "Mama look!  I have cookie crumbs in my eyes!"

"Daddy holds my hand because he loves me everyday."

"Mama, I just threw up in my mouth, wanna' see?"

And my all time favorite...
"Mama, did you remember I'm your miracle?"


Donna R said...

CaSandra, we love reading these! I wish I had kept a list of Stephie's sayings like these. And I know that you always remember that she and Nolan are your special miracles!!

Kanko's Wife said...

Hahahaha! Love little girl sayings!