She's My Daughter & She's Crazy About Cats

I was a Crazy Cat Lady before the phrase was created.
Wait a minute... I am the reason the term Crazy Cat Lady was invented.

I've had an obsession with cats since before I can remember.
As a child, I would eat, sleep, and breath Brittany - my Himalayan.
When I moved out, I got cats of my own.
We got married... I still had cats.
We eventually got fed up and let them go to another home.

We've been more-than-content being a pet free home.
No mess; no worries.
End of conversation.

Saturday Afternoon
Rob informs me he hears a kitten in the woods meowing.
Nope... not me... we're safe... no need to get excited... I don't hear anything.

Sunday Evening
We're outside and * poof * Mother Nature drops a cat in the middle of our yard.

And just like that, we turn into crazy cat people again.

Despite Kensley's irrational fear of small dogs,
she instantly became attached to this little ball of fur.

I'm guessing she's about 16 weeks old. 
{I know she is a she since she's calico - all calicos are female}

She still acts like a kitten.  Plays like a kitten.  Has teeth of a kitten.
She is long in length and weights about the same as our tv remote.

Kensley wanted to name her KeeKee.  I said no.
Next came Meow Meow.  I said no again.
Then she came up with Stella.  I said fine.
Kensley told me she loves Stella's "amber yellow eyes the best!"

I am easily amused by Stella rolling in sidewalk chalk which tints her fur pink!
Stella is a polydactyl cat meaning she has special paws with an extra claw on her front paws.
What I also find interesting is it appears that Stella has a hearing issue.
Kensley has a bond with Stella stronger than I ever expected.
She has, hands down, spoke more to the cat than any other human being... ever.

I got all sappy on Rob and told him,
"Sure seems easy to drop your cat off because it can't hear,
would they drop their kid off too for the same reason?"

Yep, I'm hyper-sensitive when it comes to hearing stuff.
Knowing our past, you can't blame me, now can ya?
Maybe the similarities are what draws them close...
or maybe it's because the first day we fed her rotisserie chicken.

You choose.
Kensley tells everyone that will listen, "Stella does tricks".

She gets so tickled when Stella climbs a tree, catches a bug mid-air,
walks in between your feet or yawns.

My Mom asked Kensley where Stella lives.  Kensley gave her our street address.
By the second day I decided if her rightful owner didn't come and claim Stella,
I wasn't the one going to break her heart and tell her we were giving her away.

I told Rob he could do the honors.

He watched Kensley and Stella together and he said she could keep her!


☆Sara☆ said...

I did not know that all calicoes are female? How does that happen? And so cute! I couldn't break her heart and separate the two either!

Jennifer said...

She clearly needs to keep the cat! Or get a real pig! :)

Anonymous said...

I blame being pregnant, but this post totally made me cry. I really liked this blog post...it was written well. Nice work.