I Have No Regrets

Raising our kids, there are things that I wish we had done differently. 
{Most particularly, allowing Kensley to be given the MMR vaccine.}
Although the outcomes weren't what we originally expected,
a sense of peace has overtaken my heart... I have NO regrets.

I have NO regrets letting our kids wear jammies all day.
They learn best when they are comfortable.  
I have NO regrets letting our kids help me do projects.
It may take longer, but I'm making memories.

I have NO regrets letting Kensley wear a Punky-Bruster inspired side pony tail.
She thinks she's beautiful and that's all that matters.
I have NO regrets letting our kids wear brand new clothes outside to play in.
They are just kids; they are just clothes.

I have NO regrets taking so many photos.
Some days they're feeling it, other days, not so much! 

I have NO regrets letting Kensley dress herself... numerous times day.
She has more confidence than I'll ever have.

I have NO regrets letting our kids skip their naps to go visit family and friends.
Schedules are important, but not more important than building relationships.
I have NO regrets praising our kids for their efforts.
To some, they are just scribbles - to me - it's a drawing of Jonah and the Wale.
I have NO regrets letting our children mix different colors of PlayDoh.
It's their PlayDoh... not mine!

So how about you?
Are you living a life full of NO regrets?


Kanko's Wife said...

I love the Play-Doh one! I have bitten my tongue several times when I see all the colors smashed together. When I asked about it once, Jaeli told me "It's a beautiful cake for you, Mommy."

Anonymous said...

I venture to say that your blog inspires more people than you know. What a gift you have in the way you can share your life with fun, vivid detail and inspire others to live a better life. Great job