Any MORE Guesses?

Update:  Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ladies, thank you for playing the guessing game; you are ALL right!
Mom went with me last week and we got Nolan's hair cut.

Could you blame me?  It was time... make that way past time! 
Mom took a ton of pictures, but they all look the same.
Nolan SCREAMED the entire time.
Not sure why.
He sure does have a good set of lungs on him.
I still think it was worth it; it needed to done.

He still has a few long strands by his ears that I can't force myself to clip.
{Scroll down and look over his left ear in the top pictures}


{I think feet shots are kind of cool, but you probably won't be seeing many more of them.
You have officially saw the 2 pairs of shoes I own and wear.
Maybe if I get new kicks - I'll throw another feet shot your way.}

Okay, back to my original post. 

I'm a sucker for guessing games, too bad nobody ever wants to play them with me.

I'll make it a little easier this time.

It's not that Nolan can stand on his own or that his crooked finger is adorable when he points... 
It's not that he claps for Stella when she does tricks or that he can crawl at super-fast speeds... 
It's not that he's puts on his 'serious face' almost all the time or enjoys eating sticks...

** Any MORE Guesses? **


Dana K. said...

I'm guessing first haircut.

Lucinda said...

He got a "big boy" haircut. He's adorable.

Jennifer said...

he got a haircut and looks like an adorable little boy!

Kanko's Wife said...

I'm guessing haircut, too!