Let's Go Show Daddy!

Rob tinkers outside... a lot.

Kensley will find something and say, "Let's go show Daddy."

Sometimes it's something neat, other times it's a crumb off the floor.

She recently came to me with a pile of clothes asking for me to help her get dressed.

She said she wanted to, "Play Talia".
{Talia is my cousin and former Miss WV who has a style all of her own}

As soon as Kensley got her 'helmet' on, she said, "Let's go show Daddy!"
That's right; a purple jester snow hat, polka-dot shirt, camo skirt, flower pants,
heart rubber boots, a band-aid for an accessory and her outfit was complete.

As if she wasn't already cute enough, the phrase that came next almost made me cry.
"Look at me Daddy, I'm gorgeous!"

Oh how I wish I had her confidence.
She wore her special outfit for a long time; checked the mail,
helped Rob cut the grass,
played outside, all while it was still 100 degrees.

"You must first love yourself before you can love anyone else."

As if the day wasn't wild enough already - here's a picture of Rob babysitting.

Remember the Where's Waldo books?
Well... Where's Rob?

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