I Love Them Differently

Shortly after Nolan was born, on more than one occasion, I was asked if I loved him more.

What!?!  More than Kensley?!?

Our kids are different; therefore I love them differently,
but I love them both the same!

By about the 4th accusation,
I finally started asking why did they think that.

Unanimously they all said, "Because you take so many pictures of Nolan."

I took SO many pictures of Nolan because:
1) I have a horrible memory and otherwise wouldn't remember what he looked like as an infant.
2) I knew the day would come when he could get away from me - resulting in few/none photos.

Guess what; that day is here!

As soon as I bust out the camera, Nolan just crawls away.
{The pictures turn out blurry because he's so fast.}
 After he escapes my viewfinder...
... he proceeds to clap for his accomplishment!

Now knowing this and knowing that Kensley does things on HER time
(and pictures are SO not important to her yet no matter the bribe)
we may not have a family photo on our Christmas card this year. 

There, you've been warned!

1 comment:

Vicky said...

I find myself taking more pictures of Gavan too! Even blogging more about Gavan. But that is just because he is the craziest. I believe I have even been asked if I love Gavan more. With different stages comes different attention time. I find myself going more toward Zane now. I so know what you are talking about.

BTW...love the photo of Nolan crawling that is just too cute!