With Chipped Pink Nail Polish...

... she announced to everyone traveling south on Interstate 77...
... she's finally 3!!!

Just like last year, we were in the car for Kensley's exact Birthday moment.
After a quick trip to the pediatrician {for Nolan} we headed to a special place
where they have just ONE thing Kensley's been asking for.
Just like cake and cupcakes, she doesn't eat doughnuts either.
But she insisted on getting one. 
 Why?  You ask.

{I love this picture; it truly captures my kid's hands;
Kensley's chipped pink nail polish and Nolan's grabby little fingers}
Because she loves to eat PINK sprinkles!
Sitting in a doughnut shop with a sugar allergy would personally put me on edge,
but Nolan takes it in stride and shows off his 'squishy face.'
Side note: take a good look at his hair - I'm dying to get it cut but Rob,
along with my Mom and Dad, keep saying "no." 
 What's better than a 'party hat' on your Birthday?

Birthday hugs, of course!


Jennifer said...

Soo Cute! Happy Birthday Kensley!!
I love Nolan's face!

Megan said...
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Megan said...

Happy Birthday, Kensley! What a fun birthday!!