Jumping In... With Both Feet

Rob and I knew each other about 98% prior to getting married.

One of the things that fell into 2% of the 'unknown' is just how often I like to re-do things.

We moved 2 years ago (next week).
As for our bedroom... well... it's safe to say that it never got finished.
Call it clean, call it simple... it feels sterile to me.

I'm ready for a change.  I want something different.
I'm challenging myself to jump into COLOR... with both feet!

Here's the color combo I chose.
 They look kind of old-ladyish... but I have a vision in my head.
I love this pillow; Rob says he would do without the 'fu-fu' thing in the middle. 

I haven't ordered anything yet.

I have a hard time commiting to purchases (another detail that may or may not have been known 5 years ago)

Mom and I took the kids shopping this afternoon; stay tuned for pictures.


Jennifer said...

Love those! I took my kids shopping and ended up with nothing, but Bens medicine and came to the conclusion that if I did not have a stroke by the end of the day it was a good day! You should see my bedroom! You can redo it also!

CaSandra said...

Oh... how I wish I could sew! I found the PERFECT room to copy - I've contacted her - fingers crossed she can help me!