BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: 9 weeks, 1 day

I love the baby commercial that says,
"Kids come years late, or months early. 
Some are planned; other are unexpected blessings."

For me, Kensley came years late.
Nolan was right on schedule.
No matter what, God's timing is PERFECT!
9 weeks and 1 day ago, life was * crazy * to say the least.

Rob and I decided, why not add to the uncontrollable chaos... and the decision was made.

Fast forward to today...

You'd be AMAZED at quickly the gossip started...

Emails, phone calls and instant messages...

... all wanting to know the same answer.

Some guessed Nolan's Birthday...
{I actually had a friend calculate it twice - it's in 8 weeks and 1 day if you're curious} 

Other's guessed we're going on a trip.


So what's the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT you ask?
This sleeping beauty has been BINKIE-FREE for 9 weeks, and 1 day!

Cold turkey was the trick.

She cried for a solid 1 1/2 hours.

She's never looked back since.

Speaking of 'looking' be sure to take a good look at her outfit;
she's now into dressing herself... in anything and everything rainbow.

{more fashion proofs to follow}

I've been busy this week trying to throw together a Birthday party.
One that in years past, I've spent months preparing for.

I've labored 4 days on this one... fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Here's a random update so that I can be up-to-date and post Kensley's celebration pictures soon.
Beaver Boy Nolan, has learned a few new tricks.
He now chews his bed (hints the aforementioned nick name)
and can climb like I don't know what.

He is covered in bruises and is going to be wild just like his Daddy.
We were very lucky and got to go on a date bowling with the church while my Grandma watched the kids.
Nolan slept 15+ hours - never happened before - it will never happen again.
Nolan has 6 teeth now; lots of slobbers means lots of laundry.
Nolan has also learned another new trick - how to kick the tray off his high chair.
Yes, my hair is already turning gray.
... still waiting on that call from TLC's show Freaky Eaters...
The kids always get excited to hear Rob come home from work and lay down for tickles.
For those of you that have recently witnessed how much/often Nolan eats... it obviously isn't hurting him any.
Kensley has been very well behaved and has quite the imagination now.
I was awarded stickers for being a 'good Mommy'.
So... did ANY of you guess the right anser?


Melinda said...

I totally thought it was a pregnancy announcement...but being binky free is definitely something worth celebrating too! :-)

Jennifer said...

ha ha! I love it! YAY for binky free!