5 Bucks Doesn't Get You Much... Or Does It?

I have a friend.  Her name is Krystle.
Together we are bullet proof when we coupon together.

Don't believe me?
The proof is in the savings?
Retail, these items cost more than $240.00.
After price matching and coupon clipping, I paid just a mere $3.04.

{I used the overage to buy some decorations for Kensley's Birthday next week.}

What am I going to do with all the mouth wash? 
We'll have fresh breath for eternity and I'll donate the rest.
I only paid $1.71.

Incredible if I do say so myself  :)

So what did Rob think of my deals?
{Side note: He supports my 'couponing habit' 110%}

I asked Rob, "How much do you think I paid?"
He responded: $8.
Close.  Almost $5.

Ummm.... guess he knows me a little too well.

He also said, "Well, you sure can't eat the paper plates.  What's for dinner?"
I think he would have rather I spent the overages on a steak and some motor oil.

We'll see about that... next shopping trip.

The best part?  Krystle got just as much, if not MORE savings too!


Jennifer said...

how did you get the razors for that cheap?!!! I need them!

Vicky said...

I SERIOUSLY need to learn this. I just don't think I have the patience nor the time. Then again I'm not sure I have the money to be spending like I do. LOL.