~ Where A Kid Can Be A Kid ~

Today is West Virginia Day and we sure did celebrate... Chuck E Cheese style!
 It was Kensley's first visit... she was clueless.
Nolan loved it from the moment he entered the building;
bright lights, lots of color and loud noises;
he just kept on smiling!
 Kensley was rather excited to ride the pony.
{Surprised me - last week she was afraid of horses, this week she loves them again}

They had quite a few little ride-on cars; perfect size for Nolan.

Yes, I smooshed my hind end on the little seat for a picture... it was worth it!
 The sketches were my favorite part.  And to think they only cost a token!

 Keilan had to do the slide by herself; Kensley freaked out as usual.
 Rob got in on some of the action too!
 Rob beat Keilan; he has a crazy-insane basketball talent!

We had a WONDERFUL time; fun way to spend Rob's day off from work.
Thank you Mom and Dad for treating us and the kids to a perfect rainy day activity.

Kensley is currently in her room chanting, "Chuck E Cheese's Again" instead of sleeping!

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