Summer Kick-Off: Week In Review

With temperatures reaching almost 100 degrees daily,

Although I complained all winter long about it being too cold,
I'm now complaining that it's already too hot.

I've discovered that our days go smoother if we get out of the house.
I need a break, and the kids need a change of scenery.

Our first adventure of the week was going to the library.
Kensley's reading is simply AMAZING... and so was her 'inside voice' that lasted an hour! 
 Have you ever tried to photograph yourself, with your kids, while doing an activity?
Easier. Said. Than. Done.

This is the best shot I got... the library staff started looking at the lights saying that they
were flickering, when it was really my flash that kept going off!
We headed to Cedar Lakes with Judy and Kyle. 
Kensley loves bugs; she's still too rough with them and
they always end up "sleeping" by the time she's done holding them.

** Did you notice her hair?  It's FINALLY getting long enough to style **
Since Kensley wasn't afraid, Kyle thought he'd check it out too!
My bright idea to feed the ducks did NOT turn out as planned.
 The fish enjoyed the bread the most.
What started out as a calm and peaceful walk along the lake...
... QUICKLY turned terrifying!

Who knew that geese would hiss and attack?
Who knew that those birds were SO big?
Who knew I'd panic and run away, and forget about the kids?

Thankfully Judy was there to hold them back while we ran away.
Yep, Kensley has now added geese to her "Eeeek, I'm scared" list! 
As for Nolan; he could care less, as usual.
I guess their aggressiveness may have had something to do with protecting their young;
I just thought they were ugly ducks... guess I'm more of a city girl after all.
We also went to my Aunt Teresa's and Uncle Tom's house!

Kensley BEGS to go there; they have the coolest grandkid room filled with toys.
It was the perfect retreat to escape the sweltering heat and sticky humidity.

Side note: Kensley can cry to the point she gets sick.
It doesn't happy very often, but it does happen if she gets very upset.

She's been begging, crying, and screaming to go to Uncle Tom's.
I told her, "No, you will not be rewarded for poor behavior." 
She looked at me plain as day and said, "Then I'll cough on you!"  {Her translation for puke.}
I've started a new tab at the top, "Say What!?!" so that I can record some of her crazy sayings.
She LOVES Barbie accessories... the smaller the better... and Nolan agrees!
She's been rockin' out with 'her' pink Barbie radio that she is borrowing this week. 
At this age, the kids play well together.  Nolan doesn't care what he's playing,
as long as Kensley is there to entertain him.
We met up with most of the playgroup again and the kids swam in the Brunty's pool... and enjoyed popsicles.

Judy and Jennifer (identical twin sisters) have the SWEETEST kids.  What's even better, is that we know each other well enough that they will help watch/discipline my kids.  I appreciate it; we have similar parenting styles, and I've learned even though I only have 2 kids, I can't watch their every move.  I'm blessed to have friends that accept me in my lounge wear, without makeup, in my cluttered house, and fear for my kid's safety the same as they do their own!
 We also went 'pretend camping' and looked at some campers.
Nope, we're not buying one, but we thought that it might pacify Kensley's need to camp.
Nope, she still wants to camp every waking second of the day! 
 Justin stopped by and brought her a turtle; then found another one at the house.
 Kensley said they like to eat pinecones; the verdict is still out.

Think you see big girl pants on that little bum of hers?

Yep - you do - but they are OVER a diaper and jean shorts...
we are still SO far from potty training!

{Nolan will now take off his diaper if it's wet - I'm just going to tag-team potty train
them in 6 months I think... or at least that's what I keep telling myself}
 It's amazing by taking an old toy outside instantly becomes new again!
Kensley, and Nolan for that matter, have spent a lot of time playing house the past few weeks.
She's a "W Sitter" just like I was when I was little.  See this tiny bird?  Listen to what she told me.

"Hey, look at my bird; he has a toupee!"

Where does she get this stuff from?
And yes, I had to spell check toupee! 
Kensley has been memorizing the Toys R Us magazines searching for some Birthday presents.
A dear friend of mine is helping me put together this year's bash.
It has potential to be even cuter than last year's celebration!

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Jennifer said...

Looks like a very BIG week! Thanks for showing me the camera. I really LOVE the picture of Emma!