Made With Love

I've been working on making Nolan some baby food.
This boy can eat just like his Uncle Justin.

You know the kind of people who sit down and eat an entire box of cereal for a meal,
and then complain a few hours later that they are starving!?!
This little ball of energy is eating us out of house and home.

Our $285 monthly grocery budget it going to be maxed!

Nana treated Nolan us to a new KitchenAid food processor.


I'm no expert on how to make baby food.

Don't ask me. I'll refer you to Google.
Or my dear friend, Courtney.

Just because you can puree it, doesn't mean that it is edible.
{Insert Nolan hates mashed up broccoli here}
This project really has been a Labor Of Love.

The vegetables were canned from my Grandparent's garden.
They spent countless hours, and dollars, producing food to harvest for all of us.

My Mom got me the cute little heart shaped silicon mold and the little dishes.
Yes, there IS an orange one in the set, but since it's my favorite, it was dirty.
 Wouldn't you agree eating bright-colored, fun-shaped food must taste better?
Nolan could care less.

He would rather eat my lens cap or nibble on some blocks; told ya' this kid eats non-stop!

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Vicky said...

Love the molds! You are so creative!