Happy Anniversary Dave and Judy

Marriage is a special thing.
I probably 'get it' more than most.
When it gets hard, you don't turn your back and you surely don't walk.
We will fall down together and we will raise up together.
We're in it for the long haul.
No. Matter. What.

And I love that I have been blessed with friends that 'get it' too!
Tonight we went to Dave and Judy's house and helped them
celebrate their 5 year Wedding Anniversary.
Judy is the twin on the left in case you get her & Jennifer confussed.
In high school, I couldn't keep them straight;
now I wonder how people don't see their differences.
 Emma's eyes were telling me:  Hurry up and take my picture so that I can eat!
 Blake and Maddison enjoying some tasty treats at the cookout.
As usual, the kids had a good time playing ouside.
Blake was the talented bee catcher; until Ben got stung. 
Nope, this isn't the same truck that Nolan's posed in before, but I still think he's cute!

Happy Anniversary to an amazing family!

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