Friends, Family, Fun & Food {Part 2}

Mom and Dad invited a bunch of family and friends over for dinner on Sunday.

As usual, Papaw turned thanks.
I was multi-tasking; praying, feeding a baby, and snapping a quick picture.
Traditions like this I want my children to remember... forever!

The older I get I'm learning how 'un-normal' our family really is.
How our family's priorities and values differ from most other families.

We do not want to shelter our children, but hope we can instill in them the morals that are in us.
Yep... I drank a soda pop, shocking, I know!

Back in my tree-hugging days, when I was a vegetarian for 7 years, I didn't drink soda either.
Since Nolan's been born, I've had the craving for orange soda and drink about 1 or 2 a week! 
Could be worse, right?
He's getting SO big; walking around stand-up toys!
Nolan tried watermelon for the first time; he ate very little, but enough to make him vomit twice;
introducing new foods is hard on him, especially fruits that contain a lot of natural sugar.

He was more interested in dumping his plate than picking up his bite sized snacks!
He's becoming much harder to photograph... always on the go...
 ... this is typically the shot I get!
No one ever warned me about falling in love with your
firstborn again by seeing your youngest look at them.

Nolan has always admired Kensley, especially when she takes him for rides in the block wagon.
Nolan just loves to try and get a hold of Dad's beard, teeth, and glasses;
he is going to be ornery just like his Daddy!
As the sun set and we all sat on the porch and talked, I couldn't be more thankful
to be surrounded by family who love our children as much as we do.

P.S. Yes, Kensley joined us; guess she just didn't jump in front of the camera!

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