Friends, Family, Food & Fun {Part 1}

Saturday, I taught a coupon class, we straightened up around the house
and later met up with Rob's Mom, brother and his kids at our local pool. 

The weather was wonderful - we only stayed an hour - the perfect amount of time!
 Still praising Him for these perfect little * straight * feet splashing in the water!
 Although Nolan enjoyed the water, he wasn't into having his picture taken.

Notice the bruise on his cheek?  He thinks he can walk. 
He cannot.  Therefore, he falls.  And has the bruises to prove it.
He's currently sporting bruises on BOTH of his cheeks; he's tough!
The Mom who's 'spot' was behind Kensley said my
favorite quote of the day while speaking to her 4 year old son.

"Bubby... where's your wife-beater at?"
Geeeze lady, nothing like announcing you're from good ole' West Virginia!

I think Gavin was excited to have a spectator photograph his new trick :) 
Nolan, err, I mean Maddox was a delight to be around.
Of all the grandkids, the youngest two resemble each other
the most in both appearance and personality. 
The girls stayed in the baby pool; it's the PERFECT size for them!
After the pool, everyone came to our house, enjoyed McDonald's for dinner and played.

It was the perfect ending to a Saturday. 
It was a visit that we needed; one I'm proud of my brother-in-law for planning ahead for.

With the pool just a few miles down the road;
it's safe to say that you'll be seeing more pool pictures.

Searching for a new Mom swimsuit is harder than choosing our children's names.
Think I'm kidding?  I. am. not.


Vicky said...

Enjoyed the pictures. I can't believe someone else spells there name like I spell my Gavan's. Usually it is Gavin!

CaSandra said...

Eeeek! Thanks for pointing out the spelling of "Gavin's" name... it was a typo. Rest assured, your Gavan is still the 'one and only' - guess I just see his written out more - ooops!