Random Update

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update and let you know, once again,
just how much our little family appreciates all of your prayers!
Since taking pictures of sick little kids gets kind of depressing after a while,
between meltdowns and messes I would sneak outside and snap some random shots!
I'm calling this one, "Spring Rain."
This robin escaped the nest before it could fly.

I attempted to photograph it after placing Nolan in the grass 30 feet away.

The baby bird got scared and called for its Mommy.

The mother bird dive-bombed the first thing it saw... poor little Nolan.

I dropped my camera in the wet grass and took off after him.

He was unphased; just smiling, waving his arms in the air trying to catch it.

It sure wasn't funny at the time, but it has been a funny story to share with his grandparents.
Do you see the footprint water droplets? 
It's Nolan's signature mark I used to sign cards with for him.
A close up of our neighbor's bush - ours doesn't look as good!
All of the rain is doing our grass seed some good :)
My. New. Favorite. Drink.

Actual text: These things taste better than macaroni and cheese.
This is HUGE: I remind you my room was wallpapered in mac and cheese box fronts as a teenager;
I couldn't get enough of it until I became pregnant with Nolan. 

Rob and I worked on a few DIY projects today after I
mustered up the strength to copy other people's cool ideas.
The kids helped too, can't you tell?

Any guesses what we made?
Don't worry - I won't make you wonder long; I hope to have the tutorial up tomorrow!
It only cost $2.79 - so it is very affordable.

Speaking of money, I set a personal goal of only spending $285 a month on groceries.

I tallied everything up; we've spent $265.65!
(that includes, diapers, wipes, formula, groceries, toiletries, paper products...
and even a dozen roses for a friend's Birthday)

Looking for ways to save some money?
Well I have GREAT news; I'm going to be teaching a FREE coupon class next month!


Jennifer said...

Nolan dosen't look so much like a baby, but a little boy in the picture!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the spring rain photo! And the baby bird!!