If you ask Kensley if she wants to go outside, she will respond, "Okay".

If you ask her what she wants to play outside, she will always respond, "Lawn mower".
Any guesses what she's doing?
Reading... of course!
She's into dressing herself- I don't care if her boots are on the wrong feet...
... because they never stay on long.  She has an obsession with checking between her toes;
where did this fetish come from?
And pants?  Well, those are optional too.
Her 2nd favorite thing to do outside - throw grass on Mommy!

Unconditional love is loving your kids for who they are,
not for what they do. ~Stephanie Marston
Oh how I miss hearing her giggle;
praying she will feel well enough to romp and play soon!

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Tony said...

There truly is NOTHING more enchanting than your child's laughter :))))