Graphic Tees; They're NOT For Me!

Kensley is easy to shop for. 
The question really is, just how much ORANGE does one little girl need in her wardrobe...
and then, can I find
perfectly matching hair bows?

But little boys... they are more challenging.  The question for Nolan is stripes or solids?

That's right... he has a lot of polos.  I like them.  They are easy to photograph. 

I don't buy characeter tees and I'm not a fan of graphic tees.

The kind of shirts that say something ultimently get something cut off;
a personal 'no-no' on my list of OCD can't stands...
Case. In. Point.

1/2 a bulldozer... Grrrr!

So this summer, rest assured, you'll be seeing lots of colar popping going on :)

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