Finding Nemo: Kensley's Version

We spent Sunday evening at my parent's house.

We had a WONDERFUL dinner and then enjoyed the weather outside.
Needless to say, Kensley was excited to see the cows.

Yes, this is one of those pictures that captures her during this stage of her life;
PINK gum boots, pig tales flying, shorts falling off and farm animals :) 
 {Her bucket was not a grain pail - the cows didn't know the difference}

Mamaw and Kensley searching for worms to fish with.
My Grandparent's pond is a fantastic place to take kids;
the fish may be little but they bite almost instantly.

Kensley named every fish that was caught, "Nemo."

Oh, you see Nolan in the stroller?

Wonder what HE thought of the fish?

I'm so glad you asked!

Obviously, he LOVED seeing the fish up close.

P.S. When kids are around cattle, you must warn them about not stepping in cow poop.
As for our 2 year old; her little boots stayed clean...
... I wish I could say the same for my sandal and bare foot!

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Jennifer said...

I love this post!!! So cute! the older Nolan gets the more he looks like Kensley! The faces he is making at the fish is PRICELESS!