Copied DIY Project

I enjoy reading other bloggers share their creative DIY projects.
I'm not really creative and can't come up with my own,
but I can copy and put my twist on them with ease! 
 Per my request, Rob made this frame for me.
The 2x4 cost $2.79 - the only thing we didn't have on hand and had to purchase.
Kensley singing "London Bridge" and helping; I use that term very loosely!
I painted the frame {2 coats} with white paint.
After removing the aforementioned toddler from the step ladder...
I grabbed Rob's special spray paint attachment. 
If you don't have one of these spray/handle things... run to the dollar store immediatley!
Rob informed me it only cost $1; worth every penny.
Next, I put a sheet of wire (that Rob pre-cut to size) on his wheelbarrow to paint.
*Thanks to my Father-In-Law for donating the chicken wire* 
I painted it bright pink {and may or may not have also painted Rob's wheelbarrow} 
Next, Rob used a stable gun to secure the wire in the frame. 
He hammered in the few staples that didn't go in all the way.  
And wha-la.... you have the finished project... and a cute baby!

What is it?

I'm SO glad you asked!

Rob and I are thrifty; and it goes without saying that we love our kids.
We don't, however, love spending a bunch of money on something we could get cheaper.

Quick recap: When Kensley was 11 months old, her crib was recalled.
We made the decision to purchase her a new twin mattress and box spring and just set it on the floor.  I wanted her to have a 'bedroom suit' but I could never cough up $800 to buy it.

Flash forward: Last year my Mom found a set for c-h-e-a-p!
The color of the wood was less than desirable, but I loved the unique/retro style.
I bought it - Rob hauled it - Dad sanded it - Mom painted it.

Yes, Kensley's bedroom suit was a LABOR OF LOVE!
* I intended on tackling the project; but was on bed rest 97% of Nolan's pregnancy *
 I knew that it would get scratched from toys, as you can see above...
... but I loved the legs! 
 We got the headboard, footboard, nightstand and dresser for $60
{plus the cost of primer & paint}
Her nightstand houses her favorite books.  My nightly limit is 3... Rob's is closer to 8! 
No wonder she asks Rob to tuck her in :)
Her room looks more like a preschool/daycare than anything else;
shelves are filled with books, puzzles, flashcards and educational toys - that's what she likes!
I digress... this is supposed to be a DIY post, right?  Oh yeah...

I never 'finished' Kensley's room; too cheap to buy things I liked.

Until... I found a project that only cost a few bucks.
 Do you see it?  Yep - it's hanging right there... to the right.

Still wondering what it is?
It's a creative place to hang Kensley's artwork!

I haven't gotten a chance to finish this project either because I've been tending to a certain little boy who currently holds the record for the longest period of time of crying without ceasing.
Sure, he looks happy - but the pulling at his ears is a sure-sure sign
there's another doctor's appointment in our future this week!

Where did I get the idea?
Ashley's site, check it out!

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I LOVE it!! So cute!