Brought To You By The Letter "K"

With another copy cat project rolling around in my head,
I couldn't sleep so I got up early with Rob.
 After he left for work, I started crafting before the kids awoke.
 I used a free box and cut out the letter "K".
I covered it with some extra scrapbook paper
and placed a random call to my hunky handyman.

Me: Hey thang!  Where's an exacto knife or something sharp?

Rob: There's a utility knife in the top drawer in Hobby Town.

Me: Okay, thanks - see you later :)

No questions asked; isn't he a good husband?!?
I added a little bling.  The lace was given to me by some relative;
times like this I wish I remembered more of my childhood...
if it happened before age 13 and there's no pictures, I probably don't remember it. 
Kensley's middle name is Amaris.
{Pronounced: uh-mare-is}
It means, "Promised by God."

* Perfectly fitting for our first miracle *

Were you really surprised where I placed the finished product?

Didn't think so!

Thanks again to Ashley for giving me another cheap and easy idea!

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