My friend Krystle hosted an Easter Egg Hunt
for the kids who come to our little play dates yesterday.
 I bought some candy and began to fill our eggs with my little * helpers *
Nolan slobbered on the eggs and Kensley just wanted to EAT all of the candy.

Our project was short-lived and I finished by myself.
{and for all of you germ phobes... yep, I washed off all of Nolan's cooties!}
 Kensley didn't quite get the hang of hunting eggs; she just stood and watched at first.
She only wanted to find the PINK eggs, but was more concerned with what was inside. 

 Yes, my NW friends, this is how it's done in good ole' West Virginia!
Camo boots, camo basket and a deer hunter shirt.
 All of the kids seemed to have a great time!
Of the 130+ eggs, Kensley found 8... most of which were PINK.
As we teach that Santa is not the reason for Christmas,
nor is the Easter Bunny the focal point of Easter,
we still let her participate in all of the holidays!

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