Update On The Kids

Kids... that's right... plural... still doesn't sound "right" but it sure is growing on me!

Recently, my cousin Talia, who currently still reigns as Miss WV for just a few more days,
spoke at the Women's Club at Maranatha Fellowship. 

During her speech, she shared a verse that I instantly began praying
numerous times a day over Kensley's upcoming hearing evaluation.

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer,
believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."
Mark 11:24 {NIV}
{Talia, Aunt Teresa, Grandma, Mom, Me...and Nolan}

Wednesday, Kensley did great at her hearing evaluation! 
I was SO proud of her... and then... the official diagnosis came.

What I heard next, I hadn't prepared myself for.

"Kensley's hearing is within the normal range; she can hear 15 decimals."

Yes - that's right - for the first time in over a year, a medical profession saw her as "normal".

I don't really know why I was so shocked; we serve an awesome God, but it just seems like He has done so much for my family, I can't help but wonder why there are others out there having to suffer and struggle.

This past week, it's like the "switch" has been flipped and she is constantly making noises,
talking, even singing (I use that word loosely) and it's the sweetest noise we've ever heard.

At birth, Kensley was double tonunge tied, meaning she had a flap of skin attached under her tongue, as well as an attached upper lip frenulum that went between her 2 front teeth.
{hints the feeding issues on top of a  rare allergy}

Her dentist does not recomend surgery until she is 10 or 11
when her permanent teeth come in, and braces are put on.

I'm telling you, the power of prayer is amazing... and I wasn't even praying for her frenulum,
just for Kensley to SPEAK!

Guess what I noticed this week... the flap of skin between her teeth isn't really there anymore.

Kathy, her speech teacher questioned where I thought it went.  Did I think she tore it? 
Stretched it?  I don't know... but it's not there and my little girl is jabbering up a storm!

Nolan is still in my quickly-expanding belly and that's another blessing!
Every day that I'm still pregnant means that Nolan is continuing to grow.

Bed rest/restricted duties sounds cool, and to be honest, it really wasn't bad the first few days.
Now, weeks later, it's less than desirable.

I am THRILLED for the amount of time that my parents have already invested
in little Nolan, in hopes that he will be born a BIG, healthy, Nolan.

I can't remember the last time I went to Walmart alone.
The last time I did go - Rob pushed me around in a wheelchair and
he loaded the basket with so many items you could only see my face!

Yah, I kind of wanted people to see my belly so they knew
why I was riding around in a wheelchair.  Oh well.

At our latest appointment, Nolan's heartrate is 147 - same as our last appointment.

He is now predicted to weigh 1.5 lbs

I am not dialated, despite daily contractions.

I've gained another 3 lbs.  I'm blaming it on ice cream and chicken salad.

Speaking of food, as I was searching for something for breakfast this morning,
I saw the boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese, pushed to the back of the cabinet and I didn't want to ralph.

Maybe this means I'm getting better?  Watch, that's what I'll ask for imediatly after delivery.
With Kensley, I asked for Bob Evans Lemon Mergine pie... yum!
Now that I'm over 6 months pregnant, I broke down and bought some maternity capris/shorts.

Wearing pants unbottoned wasn't that bad.
When they no longer buttoned OR zipped and everyone knew what color undies
I was wearing, that, for the record don't seem to fit right either, I knew it was time.

People still ask me if I'm pregnant.
The next person is in for it.
I'm going to snap back - NO, I'M JUST FAT, ALRIGHT?
And I'll end with another blessing.
In case some of you forgot {I clearly have NOT}
the begining of this pregnancy was not the best.

I felt horrible and was depressed.

After reciving 2 pints of blood, I was back on my feet again...
well... until I got put on light duty, but you get the point.

They said that the average life for blood cells is 120 days.
Being pregnant which requires more blood, it would probably be less.

Tomorrow marks 60 days with my "new blood" and it's still working!


PegramPack said...

You look radiant in that pic CaS! You do have quite the baby bump going on too :-) Lots of prayers coming your way for the growing Winter Family.

Vicky said...

Nick has that skin between his two front teeth too! I am so happy to hear that little Kensley's test came back good!!! That's great. Btw I loved that little picture of her sleeping in her little "Nolan" hat :) that was precious!

Anonymous said...

you look SO good pregnant!! i saw Kensley today at Maranatha-she is cuter than ever, and sweet too! she would look from me, to trevor, then to molli, and back to me. she clung right to your dad.

prayers to you & the fam :)

Kanko's Wife said...

Sounds as though God is really working in your beautiful family, CaS. I am so happy to hear all this good news! Keep smiling and keep praying :)