Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

I had a great doctors appointment today!

  They rechecked my blood levels to see if I need another transfusion yet or not.
(results should be in by the end of the week)

They also checked for gestational diabetes... pretty sure I don't have it since I'm on a prescription
for hypoglycemia, but whatever, it's procedure and I cooperated like a good little girl.

But here's some shocking news I wasn't expecting:

I weigh the same as last time, but Nolan is measuring 3 1/2 weeks bigger than his gestational age!

Am I thrilled?
You bet!

Do I totally think it's because of the power of prayer?
You bet!

Do I feel miserably uncomfortable?
You bet!

Do I feel bigger than I was with Kensley?
You bet!

But... at least if he's big and I end up delivering early, he may have a better chance...
but we're not going there.  I have a date picked out in September and that's when he will be born :)
This picture was taken on Father's Day; Dad was laughing at how big I am already... he said something about if I get any bigger, I'll need a cart to wheel me around on... yep, that's Fatherly Love at its finest.  I know he was just playing, but seriously, most days, I'd gladly opt to get pushed around in a cart; sure beats walking on these swollen feet and aching back!

My belly button has already "popped" so if Nolan was a turkey, I'd say he is "done" cookin'.

As for Kensley, she's still clueless that a little {or maybe big} brother is going to be arriving soon.


Megan said...

yay for Nolan!! how exciting! and the belly looks fantastic-what a great day :)

Kanko's Wife said...

You're beautiful.