Girls Getaway

On Wednesday Mom, Kensley and I headed to Raleigh, NC
to see Nathan, Natalie and their new baby Isla!

Kensley did very well traveling; if you know anything about Mom and I reading directions, it doesn't go well and we always end of lost, thus adding extra time traveling...
this trip was no excpetion.

As you can see, someone was very excited to get to hold the DVD player!

Thursday, Natalie returned to work after being on maternity leave for 12 weeks,
so we watched Isla.  She was content to eat and sleep, with a little play time in between.

Mom just ate up the opportunity to read her some books.
I was impressed at how alert she is for 3 months old.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to capture her wrinkles, little elbow.

Kensley was intrigued at first when Isla would cry, but was more focused
on trying to figure out how to climb in her jumpy seat thing. 
The idea of sharing hasn't hit Kensley yet, so she enjoyed snatching Isla's toys as if they were her own.  Her favorite things to play with her a set of plastic keys and wine corks.
The weather in North Carolina was hot, hot, hot... with almost 100% humidity!
Kensley played in a water bucket, but quickly came inside due to the heat.

In the evening, we went to their neighborhood pool.  I was a little skeptical of what Kensley's reaction may have been; she hadn't been in a pool in a year, but she loved it...
and was totally fearless of the water. 

Trying to convince an almost-two-year old to keep your ears dry because you have tubes, is an
abstract concept she clearly didn't understand, but now, a few days later, it appears no harm was done.
Keilan was a huge help to chase and entertain Kensley all weekend.
For those of you needing a "Nolan Fix"  here you go!

Yes, I was feeling rather LARGE and IN CHARGE strutting around with a watermelon-like
shape in my tummy, but at least not one person questioned me if I was pregnant.
I guess they just assumed... or people in NC are more intelligent than people in WV!

 Friday morning, Mom made pancakes... chocolate chip monkey pancakes for Keilan! 
 Isla slept most of the day...
 ... but I managed to capture a few smiles when she was awake. 
 We met up with Natalie after work and went shopping at the Carters outlet. 
 Nate has adjusted so well to Fatherhood, for the second time around.
Kensley really warmed up to him; it must have been their shared love for Doritos!

The {little} girls got pig toys
Kensley's new thing is KISSING! 
 She wanted to show them to everyone...
 ... and wanted Mamaw to kiss them! 
 Saturday morning, while Nathan and Natalie were golfing, I took a few quick impromptu photos.
{I have clearly forgotten how difficult newborns are to shoot.} 
 My favorite; she looks so serious... and so innocent. 
 Natalie's favorite

 The trip ended with another first; Kensley ate her first ice cream cone at McDonalds!

There were more fun activities planned, but I simply had overdone it, and wasn't doing well.
I felt horrible, in between cramping/contractions; I even quadrupled the dose of magnesium oxide and it wasn't helping.

While on vacation, I received a message that my white blood count is too low again. I knew I hadn't been feeling well; been playing telephone tag with the doctor’s office to get my exact numbers. Unfortunately you have to be really low before you are a candidate for a blood transfusion. Let’s just hope I'm already there {since I sure do feel like it} and don't have to wait another 2 weeks for the situation to worsen to qualify.

My trip to Washington State in 3 weeks sure doesn't look promising at this point.

It's wonderful to be home, but what's even better is coming home to a clean house!

I have the BEST husband ever; not only did he clean the entire house (including bathrooms)
he completed numerous outside projects that you'll read about soon!

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