Ahoy Mate!

WARNING: This post is cluttered with tons of pictures!

I'm currently on "restricted duty" (no walking, lifting, carrying, pushing a shopping cart etc.)
I was thrilled to get out of the house and enjoyed watching Kensley play this weekend!

On Memorial Day, we had a small. impromptu cookout at my Mom and Dad's house.
Little Miss Ornery - she looks just like her Daddy here - was mischievous as ever!

Inspecting a wasp's nest with Papaw
Unlike her Mama, Kensley likes to be chased by the "Tickle Monster"
After the cookout, Kensley took a nap, and it was time for Daddy to play!
He was pretty impressed with this ski jump he created to fly down the hill.
After Kensley woke up, we met up with Teresa, Tyler and Molli
at the Ohio River for Kensley's first boat ride!
Kensley surprised us how well she did; she wasn't afraid
and more importantly, she wore her life jacket without a fuss.
Yep, looks like it's time to buy bigger sunglasses.  We have a hard enough time
keeping her in proper fitting shoes, accessories as the last of my concerns!

She liked driving the boat with Tyler...
... and pushing buttons on the GPS.
Tyler and Molli knew of a neat little place to take us
so that Kensley could get off the boat and play.
These little shells lined the shore, and served as an easy way to exfoliate the bottom of your feet.
Kensley was content to just play by herself,
and even resisted the urge to acknowledge her Daddy...
... pretending to be a hunky beach guy off of Bay Watch!

(Yes, this is one of the many reasons why I love him. 
There is never a dull moment when he's around
and he's a fantastic entertainer for Kensley,
that is, if she's not already used to his crazy antics)
** First Sand Castle **
She was totally fearless of the water, but listened well most of the time not to get her ears wet.
Who needs a spa treatment when you can make your own mud bath, for free?
This photo is kind of hard to see, but look for Kensley's little footprint to the left of mine.
(She doesn't really weigh enough to leave a mark in the sand)
Back on the boat, Kensley was ready to see how many buttons
Papaw would let her push before departing!
Wheeeee!  (Kensley's latest accomplishment that she can say)

I don't know if Kensley was more excited to feel the wind blow in her face,
or that she was able to eat cheesy Doritos for dinner!

The sound of a child's laughter is contagious; you can't help but smile!
Rob showing off his incredibly soft exfoliated feet!
We made it back to the dock safe and sound... we can't wait to go back out on the boat again!

It was WONDERFUL to spend a relaxing weekend together.
Now that the flip house is almost finished (under contract),
I'm looking forward to making more memories this summer!


Kanko's Wife said...

Jaeli was looking at this post with me and said "who dat?" I said, "that's Kensley" and she said "Kenzzzweee!!" Looks like that's the word of the day now, haha.

PegramPack said...

What a little water baby. So cute!