Wouldn't Recomend Color Wonder For Toddlers

When the packaging says "3+" it means, for children ages three and up.
And I now know why!

I found a Color Wonder paint set {on sale, of course} and thought Kensley would enjoy it. 
The problem is, the concept seems too abstract for an emerging toddler.

The paint is clear and goes on the special paper clear, and then later the color appears.
Any 1 - 2 year olds that I know, need to SEE the results... waiting just really isn't an option!
After she had the vaseline-like paint on her hands, she proceeded to smear it all over herself.
Sure, it wasn't really messy; just more sticky than anything else.

With that craft idea being a failed attempt, we moved on to markers.
{This seemed more age-appropriate}

Note to self: Do not give your child an entire bag of markers;
they will insist that they need every one opened!
Often times Kensley favors her left hand when doing projects and eating...
... but it's too soon to tell which her dominant hand will be.
I secretly hope she's a lefty, since her Papaw and Pop Pop are... time will tell.
It then became fun for Kensley to scare me while running around the new patio furniture
with a handful of opened markers, just waiting to write on something...
... apparently her shirt! 

~ Kensley's masterpiece ~

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Lateshia said...

She is soooo precious! I love her creativity just coming through. Her shirt is adorable! I love monkeys!