Update On The Cats {Special Thanks To Mom}

If you also follow me on Facebook, you know a month or so ago, I offered my cats, "Free to a good home."  I didn't have any takers, so I then put them on Swap and Shop.  Still no takers.  Although I didn't feel like we had enough time to devote to them... they were {both} still here.

That was... until Tuesday!

I have been getting very fed up with them.  One started getting on my car.  One started spraying.  When they BOTH got on my new patio furniture... I had it!  Prior to creating the oasis, we had begun to "train" them to stay off the front porch, with the threat of getting sprayed with a water gun.  It worked... as long as you were actually out there to spray them.  When I woke up and found my porch, cushions and pillows COVERED in muddy paw prints and cat hair, (for the 2nd day in a row) I lost it!

Mom made numerous calls while I was at another doctor's appointment, she watched Kensley and baked brownies, {Yes, for the record, she IS the queen of multitasking} and a lady came to our house that evening and took BOTH of them!  She has already gotten them their much-needed grooming, and has pictures of her girls sleeping with them on her phone.

Do I miss them?

Not in the least bit.

Does Kensley miss them?

Doesn't seem to even notice that they are gone!

Although I'm thrilled with the outcome, I will always say that Beinsyn was a good cat...
... and would put up with a lot of abuse that Kensley would dish out!

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