When I came across these adorable little stampers last week,
I knew I just had to buy them for my nephew, who will soon be turning ONE!
Since they were 60% off, Kensley was lucky enough to get a set of her own!
{Yes, they too were intended for her Birthday, but I'm weak... Rob is weaker...
so we have all been enjoying them this weekend as Kensley's "special project".}

I love this picture; she looks JUST like my brother.
Sorry Nate, but it's true!
She gets her concentration face from you, I guess.
Natalie?  Mom?  Corey?  Anyone want to back me up on this one?
Tell me that these little things aren't the cutest invention ever?

It helps that most of them are all farm related... yep... it's still Kensley's thing.

** No, they are not a messy craft that warrants being outside.  **

We have had delightful weather all weekend and we have left the front door open
and let Kensley come and go at her pleasure!

We even ate breakfast in the oasis this morning and I caught another "first" on film.
Waiving to Daddy!

Before you go any further and think,
"Geeze, she's almost TWO and is just NOW waiving?
My kid did that ____ months"
I'll stop you now!

I know that there are people who stalk my blog only to boost themselves and well as their kids up.

At times, it makes me debate going private, or stop blogging altogether.

They didn't go what we went through shortly after Kensley's birth.
They don't know what it's like to be a parent at the end of your rope.
Quite frankly, they don't realize the progress that Kensley is making... "delayed" or not!

Intellectually, she's sharp as a tack, she just hasn't really come up with a way for everyone to know yet.
Or maybe... she's SO smart, she realizes the less people she has to deal with, the better off she'll be!

So far, my favorite "diagnosis" that was given by her speech pathologist is,
"Kensley just marches the beat of her own drum."
She's just our beautiful miracle who may not hear as well as other kids,
and at this stage, is choosing not to talk... just like her Daddy... and her Mama.

So, if you're one of those people who find great satisfaction in reading the blog and comparing
how grand and glorious your life is compared to ours... remember... sometimes, less really IS more!


Corey said...

a) totally looks like nate.
b) good post. well put.
c) my son drank toilet water yesterday. genius he is not. supermom, I am not.

Kanko's Wife said...

LOL @ Corey's comment. My daughter swished her hands in the toilet bowl water and proceeded to slick her hair back with it.
Please do NOT stop blogging! I keep thinking we really need to get our girls together soon... maybe if you are in Charleston and need to run errands drop her off! We have a totally safe fenced in back yard and tons of toys! Would be super fun for them :) Call me up if you are interested!

Corey said...

I should clarify that he put his hand in the toilet and then put his hand in his mouth... I didn't let him use a cup or anything :)

Megan said...

That is my favorite saying and our motto as well...less is definitely more :) and as for the stampers, we have a large collection too and the girls love them as much as I do (regarding no mess!) great post!

Justin and Lisa said...

Yay for Kensley's new accomplishment! She's doing GREAT! As for the parents who like to compare their "gifted" children to others, seems as if they had to compare, then they aren't to sure about their own in the 1st place, huh??? (does that make any sense?)

One more thing, do you promise those are not mess makers??? haha

☆Sara☆ said...

who does that to you? I will kick their butts! LOL

I have never seen the stampers...Mili got the paints from my sister and they were MESSY!!!!!!!!!!! CUTE tho cuz he got more on himself than on the paper!!

Lateshia said...

I love this girl!!! Good for her!!!