More TaDoodles!

Mom, Kensley and I ran errands today, and I went back to the store where
I purchased the TaDoodles stampers and found some All-In-One Washable Paints!
Kensley liked the green one best; she knows that orange is Mama's favorite,
so since there weren't any red ones, she decided to settle for green!

Just how washable are they?  We will soon find out!

I wouldn't necessarily recommend that you let your children paint in their Easter outfits,
but we wore matching dresses on our Mama & Me shopping day and she hadn't changed yet!

Yes, the wipee is so dirty it kind of blends in with her masterpiece,
but overall the project wasn't too messy and we will play with them again really soon!

Since she was already dirty, we played outside for a while.
Here's the progress at our vineyard
AKA: Free food for the deer

Only Kensley can make yard work look fun!
I love this picture; {posted just for Grandmother} the wheelbarrow was my Mom's!
Isn't she the cutest little gardener?
Around our neck of the woods, we think so!


Vicky said...

This is a cute blog! I love checking in on your blogs but seriously do not see how you find the time!! I am so behind on mine, lol. I'm horrible at it. Love the pictures especially the one with the wheelbarrow :)

☆Sara☆ said...

I am so glad you reminded me of Ta-doodles! I had a birthday party to go to this morning and stopped at Kmart and found that their Tadoodles were 50% off!! I got the marker set with a game that teaches colors etc....and bath crayons for 16$!!! Whoo hoooo!!

PS YES! She is the CUTEST gardener EVER!!!!! Her dress is so pretty! Wish I saw pics of you and her in your matching outfits!!