I like things to match...

Scratch that... I like everything to match.

All of the blinds have to be "open" or "closed", ya' know, so that they match!

I rotate my towels so that they get washed evenly, so they fade evenly, so that they match.

All of our hangers in our closets must be white, so that they look uniform and match.

If I break a nail, I must instantly file the others down to the same exact length, so that they match.

The front door rug has to match the area rug in the living room, so that they both match.

I will only buy one type of pen, so that when they sit in the cup on the desk, they match.

All of the screws in the outlet covers have to be horizontal, so that they all match.

I can't buy Pantene shampoo and a different brand of conditioner, they wouldn't match.

I can't wear Nike shoes with Adidas socks... they wouldn't match.

I think you get the idea.
{I'll stop here before you start to think that the OCD in our family is out of control.}

Remember seeing this photo?
Yep, I even like to see all of our shoes match!

Imagine my delight when the Verizon guy offered Kensley a MATCHING BlackBerry!!!
But, they don't really "match."  Hers doesn't have the at&t logo at the bottom... but close enough, right?

Yes, it's probably good that Nolan (boy) didn't end up being Nolyn (girl)
because I'm afraid I'd be one of those psycho Moms that had to dress her 2 little girls in MATCHING outfits!

How about you?  What has to match in YOUR life?


Ina said...

You may have a mild case of OCD but so do I so I won't judge...:)

Lateshia said...

LOVE THE MATCHING! I am COMPLETELY the same...only difference, I like to COLOR CODE and MATCH. lol. My kids' hangers are all color coded. HA HA HA. But we all have a pair of DC shoes.