I've Officially Lost Track...

At this point in my pregnancy (21 weeks, 2 days) I've officially lost track of how many appointments I've been to... but... I added another one to the list today.  Over the past 6 days, I've had contractions 3 of those.  I kept thinking that they're just Braxton Hicks, but they are rather painful, get closer together over time, but, I can usually make them stop by lying down.  Last night I was having them every 3 - 4 minutes apart and they didn't immediately quit when I laid down.

Dr. Shockley confirmed that I haven't started to dilate,
so Nolan is "safe" for a little while longer.  THANK GOODNESS!

A downfall can be if I continue to keep contracting when the real time comes, my body will be so used to them, I won't progress properly and may require a C-Section. I'm not worrying over the possible outcome; so many variables could change between now and then... as long as Nolan's safe, that's all that matters.  I'm taking meds twice a day to hopefully prevent the contractions...
only time will tell if they work.

So, in the meantime, I'm trying {very hard} not to pick up/carry Kensley, and not walk... pretty challenging when your "job" is a stay-at-home Mama to an ACTIVE toddler!  Nolan simply isn't big enough yet to make it.  I'm still holding on to the hope of making it to the 39 week mark;
seems doubtful, but still wishing.

Yesterday, I took Kensley back to the audiologist.  Her latest ear infection is clearing up and her tubes are still in place.  We don't have to go back until June 9th for an up to date "hearing loss" screening. Anything over 85% hearing we'll be thrilled with... feeling confident that her HEARING isn't as bad as her inability to LISTEN when we want her to!

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Vicky said...

I know how you are feeling, I am constantly tired and I think mine has to do with my contractions. Your body just gets wore out with it. Praying that they ease up and things go smoother for you! I am sure they will.