Hi... My Name Is CaSandra...

... I'm a FRUMPY MOM and a HOARDER.

There, I said it.

Happy now?

I can't really "blame" motherhood on being a frumpy Mom,
I think I was a frumpy stay-at-home wife, first.

When I worked in the legal field, I could justify purchasing new
outfits, complete with the matching shoes and accessories.

Then, once Rob and I married, I was thrilled to get to stay at home,
but I didn't really go anywhere, and my fashion went downhill.. fast!

After Kensley was born, I found a sale at Kohls on plain, solid colored t-shirts
(when your child vomits numerous times an hour; these were PERFECT)

Then... when we figured out her allergies... I never went back to shop.

For special occasions,  I would frantically call my cousin, Talia,
AKA: my personal shopper, and give her a {too embarrassing to admit} budget
and she'd drop off an outfit off in a shopping bag, and that's what a I wore.

Wondering where the hoarding comes in?

Well, I'm the queen of hoarding... coupons and gift cards that is.

My gift certificate for my massage that Rob got me to Valentine's Day expires today.

Think that I've used it yet?

Nope... I'm "saving" it.

(FYI: I have scheduled my massage, so that it doesn't go to waste)

With that being said, I still have my Kohl's gift card that my Mother-in-law got me for Christmas.

That was, until today!

Mom went with me to Charleston; a HUGE help to say the least.

First stop?  K-O-H-L-S!!!

I'm not really into maternity clothes, but realize I can't wear t-shirts for the rest of my life,
and I found 6, yes, that's right SIX, tops that I thought were cute, but will work for a baby bump!

I also wanted to purchase things that I could possibly wear again next summer... to save more money!

(Flower detail on the shoulder)


Petrina has the Nike ones, but when I saw these that have gel/foam bottoms, I couldn't resist!

No, they aren't really cute, they don't complete any outfits,
but when you're pregnant, comfort has a whole new meaning!

Now, my personal shopper, um, I mean Talia will be on the lookout for
bottoms/shoes and accessories to complete the look! 

Can't WAIT to see what she finds!


Ina said...

There is nothing "frumpy" about you. LOVE the new shirts! Perfect for now AND later. Hope you have some capris or something to wear with them. I felt like I wore the same thing everyday while I was pregnant. You're going to love those shoes :)

Megan said...

SUPER cute tops! And you look fantastic-you need to be in more of the pictures-we love seeing that cute little bump! :) Love the 'blogging oasis'...what a great spot for a prego mom to relax!