Family Cord

Look what Kensley recently received in the mail... 2 little bear snuggies from Family Cord!

While working with Joanie, our representative for banking Nolan's cord blood,
I mentioned how much Kensley liked the bear she had sent for him. 

She informed me that Family Cord just got a new shipment
of the little bears and that she would send another one out. 

Imagine my surprise when she sent TWO; one for each kid!

As you can see, Kensley enjoys playing with them, but how could you not? 
Their faces are too cute, and they are made out of the softest fabric around.

I know that not everyone agrees with Cord Blood banking, fearing that it would
make them "play God" but for our family it seems like the appropriate action to take. 

Remember this photo from last September?
It was taken just hours after doctors told me that they had to rule out Leukemia,
and sent us to the Pediatric Oncology floor for additional testing.

Time stood still and I attempted to munster up the strength to call Rob and tell him their theory,
I found great comfort in knowing we had banked Kensley's cord blood, and that it may cure her if needed!

At that moment, the money it cost to preserve her blood seemed like pocket change;
I would have paid ANYTHING to cure her, and have our happy, healthy, baby girl back!

{ Family Cord has been a terrific company to work with, with wonderful support and affordable prices. }


☆Sara☆ said...

i think that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to collect the boys cord blood but couldnt afford it at the time =( I wish we could have...I hope that there is NEVER a time when you need it but at least you know its there if you do!! Way to go MAMA!!!!!!

gringirl3330 said...

Same here! I would have loved to save Drew's but we just couldn't afford it at the time...:0(