By Popular Demand

By popular demand, and numerous requests, I'm doing a blog update on ME!

{Thought it was perfect time since it's Mother's Day}

I went to the doctor for a routine check up this week and everything is going as planned.

Dr. Shockley is guessing Nolan to weigh almost a pound, but I've gained another 5.
Hmmmm.... someone want to explain that?

His heartrate is 148 beats per minute

As always, I'm Dr. Shockley told me that I'm carrying him very low. Again, thanks Captain Obvious; I had NO idea! Ha Ha This pregnancy is different in the sense that because Nolan is so low, I'm experiencing what I've heard other women complain about but never had with Kensley; frequent urination.
Not only does the task seem frequent, the urge comes out of no where!

As for my blood levels; I'm doing fantastic. I am exhausted, but I can't really "blame" it all on our pregnancy.
I haven't had any episodes in 2 weeks now, so the scary feeling of wondering when I would pass out next, how long I'd be out for, and what would Kensley get into, is slowly starting to fade.

Nolan is a night owl; I have NO idea why. Our daily alarm is set for 5:25 a.m. Sleeping in is only an option if you're "sick" and if the other parent can come up with enough quiet activities for Kensley while the sick one rests... which hasn't seemed to work out once.

He's a mover and a groover starting at about 7:00 p.m. and by 2:00 a.m. the poking prevents me from sleeping. {I'm not complaining; just saying}

Rob has already got to feel Nolan move; kind of shocked us both to have happened so early (4/29)
but I think it makes the dream of another baby more of a reality.

I have no cravings to speak of; I was on an orange kool-aid tangent a few weeks back, but that was short lived. Tacos sound scrumptious, but I really only like them topped with my Grandparents tomatoes; picky, I know, what can I say? I know what I like, and when it comes down to food; I won't settle!

I'm still not into maternity clothes, but it won't be long.
I can't find anything worth spending our money on so... I'm still rockin' frumpy Mom clothes!

Kensley doesn't seem to notice my expanding waistline and I love it! 
Nothing like excepting you for who you are, no matter what size is sewn
into the back of your pants on a little tag.  Why can't everyone be some open-minded?

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