Braxton Hicks Contractions


They've started already.

Not thrilled... but no need to get mad.

That doesn't make them stop or go away.

I got them 7 weeks earlier gestation, then when they started with Kensley.

My contractions actually started Monday afternoon.  I didn't really think that I had "over done" it.  I got caught up on our laundry and chores around the house.  Kensley was playing outside and I had a few sets of contractions.  By the time I made it in the house and gave her a bath, they were coming every 4-5 minutes apart.


Not what I wanted.

Not what my parents wanted. 

Not what anyone wants!

I am confident that they are just Braxton Hicks because they can/will
go away if I lay down and put my feet up.

They have not completely stopped today, so Mom came to my rescue and took Kensley
back to their house for a slumber party... THANK GOODNESS!

One of the things that can possibly cause Braxton Hicks contractions is dehydration.

I don't think that's the cause for my problem, because my craving for koolaid has returned,
but it would be an "easy fix" if that's what causing them!

I started craving a cherry slushie, so Rob took me to a gas station to get one.

After filling up a 32 oz fountain drink of pure goodness, we headed outside to get back in the truck.

At the same time, a stranger, in his early 50's I'd guess, pulls up and gets out of his truck.  He takes one look at me (No, I wasn't doing anything different, no gestures, nothing, I was simply walking normal, checking out my drink) and this is the dialogue that followed:

Stranger: Hello.

Me:  Hi!

Stranger: "Here, since you're impregnated, let me get the car door for you."

Me: "Um.  Okay. Thanks."

Stranger: (Fumbles with the door)  I guess when I got out of the truck, I didn't shut it all the way.

Rob: Hit the unlock button.  Nothing.  He hits the unlock button again.

The stranger finally gets the door open and I quickly jump in the truck hoping that the stranger would leave; thankful for his good intentions.

Stranger:  "It's okay, I'll wait for you to get settled in."

Me:  "That's alright, okay, I'm good, thanks!" 

It was all I could do not to bust out laughing; his gesture was so sweet as he waved at Rob as he walked into the store, but I got so tickled that he said, "since you're impregnated" as if I was livestock or something!

At the next stop, Rob got the door for me and,
"Here Rory, since you're impregnated, I'll get the door for you!"

Hey, at least it was kind of exciting that a STRANGER actually noticed
that I am pregnant, and not just addicted to junk food!


Kanko's Wife said...

Darling, you live in Jackson County... he could've said worse ;)

CaSandra said...

To make matters worse... it didn't happen in JACKSON, we were in WOOD co.