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Many years ago, I read Gary Chapman's book The 5 Love Languages.

I think that it is a must read for anyone who wants to build better relationships,
wants to date, is dating, wants to get married, is married... okay... it's for EVERYONE!

One of the easy, 30-second "tests" you can take, helps you figure out what language you speak.

Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
Receiving Gifts
Acts of Service
Physical Touch

Although they ALL sound pretty good to me,
it came as no surpise that my love language is Acts of Service.

love it when Rob "does" things for me.

They can be small things such as:

Check his pockets before putting clothes in the laundry
Empty the strainer in the kitchen sink
Get ready for work very quietly
Turn down the bed for me
Give Kensley a bath
Clean out my car
Take out the trash
Get the mail
Set the table

But... I also like it when he does BIG Acts of Service for me.

Check out his latest "love bank deposit" project...

My Blogging Oasis.
{Okay, so it's just our front porch, but if I said front porch it wouldn't sound as cool, huh?}
After living here almost a year, we finally decided on a patio set we liked and that was in our budget.

Side note: Check out the rhododendron bush in the background. 
Rob transplanted that earlier in the spring, and it is thriving great! 
I'll try to get a picture in front of it so you can see how big it really is!
Did you notice the hanging flower planters?

Instead of buying me flowers for Mother's Day - we're too cheap - I took the $35
he would have easily spent and purchased these plants and made 3 arrangements.

Rob, Kensley and I's favorite detail?

The red Gerber daisies!

Again, I strongly encourage you to check out The 5 Love Languages site...
You'll be amazed how it can change the dynamics of your relationships!

If you have already... what is YOUR language?

Okay, I set up the tripod up and tried to get some pictures of me and the rhododendron bush.
Kensley managed to topple over the tripod (with the camera attached) so you only get 2 shots!

I'm *almost* 6 feet tall and the bush is bigger than me, you'll get the idea... it's BIG!

How people take "self portraits" of themselves for Myspace/Facebook, I have no idea!
I felt SO silly, I just wanted to get a few snapshots and run back inside!

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PegramPack said...

I LOVE IT! The pics, the oasis, ALL of it! You look wonderful, I especially love the new top on you! You make pregnancy look gooooood momma!