What's Kensley Been Up To?

With all the talk of Nolan's name/gender announcment,
Kensley hasn't made the blog for a few days.

For those of you needing your "Kensley Fix" here it is!

She is still 100% totally obsessed with anything farm related; mainly livestock.
{How, I really don't know, her favorite animal are pigs despite never seeing one in real life}
Rob's little sister's duck is starting to get real feathers... and can run fast!

I love this picture of Larry - Rob gets the same michevious look on his face.
I'm not too sure if he was trying to feed the duck to the horse, or what!?!
Kensley thought Isaiah was neat to look at, but not as cool as something else...
... Kennedy... Peggy's calf for 4-H.
If all else fails, Kensley still enjoys reading farm books!

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Lucinda said...

Love, love, love the socks. I miss little girls clothes. And, CONGRATULATIONS!!! A boy!!! Yea! I was so wrong on my guess. The half baked party looked fun. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Things will never be the same.....in a very good way.