Wanna' See What New Blood Looks Like?

Yah... that's right... 2 smiling faces!

I now totally feel spunkified and have heard Rob tell people
that I even look better {I'll take that as a compliment}

After my Doctors appointment,  Rob and I went to
Cracker Barrell where we ate... way too much.

Don't believe me?
Rob was too excited to start chowing down on his burger that,
as he said, "is as big as Kensley's face" for me to take his picture.

Wonder what I ate?
Chicken Dumplins' + mashed potatoes + corn = YUMMY!

{I've told you all along that I'm not a "food photographer".  Believe me now?}
P.S. Itty Bitty made the picture too!

After dinner, we headed to Kohls... were I purchased 2 outfits.

Want to know what they look like?

Here's a clue... they have some orange in them!

Fooled ya - EVERYTHING I buy for the kiddos has orange in them :)

Overall, I had a good 28th Birthday... and couldn't be any more excited to feel NORMAL again!


Vicky said...

Glad to see that you are feeling better! It's rough being pregnant and sick all the time.

Lateshia said...

LOVE CRACKER BARREL! That was just about my fave place to eat while pg with the boys! You look amazing girl! Glad you are feeling better!