A Summer Time Must

You probably read my last post that Kensley got a bubble machine
yesterday from our family friends, Tommy and Vickie, for Easter.

I was inside finishing up my dinner, so I didnt' get to see it in action... that was... until TODAY!

I'm tellin' ya... this is a summer time must!

These snapshots don't even come close to capturing
just how many bubbles that tiny machine can produce!

I typically don't suggest toys for people to buy; we're frugal and Kensley only gets
them for special holidays, but this is one thing, that I would buy, just because!

~ Happy Bubble Chasing ~

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Lateshia said...

Aren't those things amazing?? We got one for the kids and we were just laughing hysterically. I felt like I was on a 70's game show! lol!