Still In There....

When I called Rob after my doctor's appointment yesterday
and told him that Itty Bitty was still in there, he said,
"Well, that's good - where else did you think it would be?"

Itty Bitty is continuing to do good; even the receptionist was surprised
that I hadn't been in the office for 2 weeks... this must be a record for us!

Heart rate is 153

Dr. Shockley has said twice now, "You have a big uterus."

Ummm... thanks, I guess.
{Is that like telling someone they have a big butt?}

My due date seems to continue to fluctuate; hoping for a more accurate guestamation
at our next ultrasound... next Wednesday... on my BIRTHDAY!
At any rate, Itty Bitty should be arriving mid-September... if not before.

From the beginning, Itty Bitty sure has been a FIGHTER
so I'm feeling rather confident we'll make it, or make it pretty close :)

The over abundance of Easter candy we received has paid off. 
I gained 2.5 pounds... I'm almost back up to my pre-pregnancy weight with Kensley...
still don't see me gaining 35 pounds in the next 20 something weeks, but we'll see...
as long as there is left over Easter candy floating around, it just may happen!

Here's a more milestone to document!

4/6/10 - I was eating breakfast {Lucky Charms with extra marshmallows,
compliments of my sister-in-law, Lisa} when all of a sudden...
I felt Itty Bitty move!

Not sure if the was the real deal, I sat at the computer desk very still...
and Itty Bitty moved again!

Yep, I've got life growing inside of me!

When I pulled up "Kensley's timeline" I felt Kensley move
just 4 days later in gestation, so it MUST be real!


Lateshia said...

YEAH!!!!! Cant wait to hear what Itty Bitty is!

Kanko's Wife said...

When I was pregnant with Gabrien my doc kept telling me I had a big uterus, too. I didn't know whether to hunch over and slink out of the office or strut...