I'm home from the hospital now after receiving 2 blood transfusions.
I am slowly starting to feel better and just waiting to feel "SPUNKIFIED"!
*no, it's not a word, I just made it up.*

As always, I had a crazy roommate (you know it's going to be bad when the nurses apologize as soon as you arrive for having to deal with her) She was a pain-pill addict who was OBSESSED with getting her fix, so she would page the nurses every 30 minutes begging for more pain meds! She rubbed snuff (yes, while she was in the hospital, in the bed next to me) complained about her pillow being too flat and her Sprite not being cold enough... you get the idea... I was almost ready to RUN out of that place!

We have our “gender” ultrasound today and I will have my blood work redone
to see what my current levels are. I’ve said countless times before,
this baby is a fighter; it’s either going to save me, or be the death of me!

Kensley was thrilled to come home and play with her Daddy...
or should we say Daddy was thrilled to be playing with Kensley?

Side Note: No, Rob doesn't usually rock the whole socks/sandal look; he was helping carry in items
from the car once we got home, and I guess the squirt gun was more tempting than the fashion faux paux.
~ Our little girl loves water... and her Daddy! ~

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