Random Tid-Bits

Seems that the past few posts were cluttered with pictures,
so here's some tid-bits to fill you in on the Winter family!

4/7/10 - Kensley got her first haircut; no pictures to post, but I am honestly okay with it. It was a quick trim, but at least the back is more even, and looks less like a mullet. It took 7 minutes total, was 7 snips of the scissors and I paid Jordan $7; it was worth it to me! We will continue to keep it at this same length for a while as we wait for the top and side sections to grow out and even things up! Not much was taken off; still looks about the same, but has more of a "big girl style" to it!

Accomplishment: I have good days now! Although I still have bad days where I feel like I'm going to pass out and am just so sick, I sulk on the couch and cry, the good days are starting to outnumber the bad ones! Yes, this is a HUGE praise; one that I just wasn't sure was EVER going happen. I'm still tired most of the time, but think it's "normal" pregnancy feelings due to chasing a very FAST toddler who demands to be outside, all hours of the day, despite the cold temperatures and rain, and I've been staying up too late on the computer searching for baby items.

Speaking of baby items, we've gotten a few things out of storage, and my sister-in-law has passed down some items that they no longer need, thus, Kensley has reverted back to being a baby. She likes to sit in the bumbo chair and read books, plays in the baby bathtub for long periods of time sitting on the floor, thinks she all of sudden needs 25 teething rings, thinks she can still fit into the infant car seat, despite outgrowing it at 5 months, you get the idea.

Rob questions how she will do with the baby crib... hard to tell... she hasn't been in one for 10 months, so I'm sure it will be different; I just hope the newness wears off, quickly! Speaking of the crib... it has been ordered (thanks Nana) and should be arriving at the end of this month!

Itty Bitty's room is slowly clearing out; but it seems while my organization projects have good intentions, I always create larger messes to deal with. Because the guest room houses the wireless router, printer and such, we will {okay, no, ROB WILL} be rewiring the things to go into our walk-in closet in our room, so that project is too big for me. Sadly, I'm becoming less than patient because where the filing cabinets and those items are stored is the exact location I want the crib to go! I know, breath in, breath out, Itty Bitty still has a while before their arrival, but remember, I'm the ultimate planner!

Rob is continuing to work up at the flip house, a lot has been completed, but it seems that a lot still needs to be finished before we can sell it. Our original goal was to be finished by mid April - that is NOT going to happen, but at that time, we never dreamed I'd have so many pregnancy problems. We have already found a buyer, and hope to have it in contract by the end of this month, so that they can take advantage of the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit!

As for me? Well... I don't really know much to say...here's some random tid-bits! I'm still in size 2 jeans - thought I better go ahead and boast today, because by the end of the week, I doubt I'll still have those bragging rights. (and they may or may not button; I'm not saying) I'm having a hard time finding maternity clothes that I like - they all look too old, or too flowery. I'm a bit stumped why we filed our taxes mid February, but they predict we'll receive our return mid May... I love the smell of fresh cut grass; anyone else remember when Gap offered that as their fragrance line? I have been trying to save money and not turn the AC on even though it has been almost 90 degrees. I finally caved in when the marshmallows in the Lucky Charms box were sticking together and all of our chocolate Easter candy was melting. Rob assures me that it doesn't cost that much to run it, but I was hoping to buy BABY CLOTHES with the extra money I'd saved... that plan backfired!

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