Mini-Family Vacation

After getting up at 3:45 am, finishing up a few list minute details around the house
and packing, we took off for our {long-over-due} family vacation on Friday!

Kensley now will twirl her own hair to go to sleep - THANK GOODNESS
Rob, and his best friend from High School, made plans to rent this cabin back in December,
so I've had months to look forward to a little get-away with great friends!
The pictures say it all; the cabin was AMAZING!

Nathan was napping when we {finally} made it to Pigeon Forge,
but he was as happy as can be when he awoke and saw "Quincy".
~ They were all giggles ~
Nathan wanted in the hot tub... Kensley opted for a cookie!
{By the looks of her thighs - she may, or may not have, needed another sugary treat}
Splashing in the "pool" AKA: jacuzzi
Take a good look at this adorable little face; it's Kensley's future husband!
We're not into arranged marriages as much as we are into pre-determination of in-laws :)

Ummm... I don't really think this one needs a caption.
Boys WILL BE boys!
Wheatie and Kensley watching Shrek
Kensley eating her famous "prison" meal;
crust off of bread and water.
Checking out the dinosaurs...
... and the manikins.
Look!  They have matching SPIKEY hair!
Kensley was very well behaved this trip.
But why wouldn't she be? 
She got to spend 4 straight days with Rob,
and wore her new Princess "bowling coat"
for 4 straight days! 
Chris and Rob raced Go Carts
Sorry the picture is blurry - I was sitting 6 lanes of traffic away checking my internet...
for a very special message... more to follow on that, later.
Our happy little {growing} family

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