Easter 2010

As I've mentioned before, while Nate and I were growing up,
my Mom always did holidays BIG around our house. 
{To clarify, BIG doesn't always necessarily mean super expensive,
but instead she started traditions that 30 years later, still continue on.} 

Well... maybe it wasn't just while we were growing up. 
She STILL spoils us every special occasion coming or going.

One of the things that Mom taught us was how to "milk" holidays. 
Instead of celebrating our Birthdays on the actual day, we celebrated all week long.

As Easter rolled around this year, I decided that we were going to celebrate... all week long!

The week started by finding out that Kensley was a local celebrity! 
She made the front page of the Jackson Herald which included a
brief article about the egg hunt my parents took her to a few weeks back.
On Tuesday, Kensley and I went shopping for candy to fill
plastic eggs for the egg hunt at church and another hunt at Nana's.
What's your favorite Easter candy?
Mine are orange chocolate Cadbury eggs
Kensley was rather excited when we told her that she could have one piece.

On Wednesday, we went to Tatums, a local farm store to see the colored chicks.
Rob and I were surprised by how bright they were.
(We kind of thought that they would have a more tie-die, pastel look to them.) 

Kensley liked the bunnies the best.

I tried to encourage her to check out these nice, calm, brown little bunnies, but she wasn't having it.
She liked the ones with the scary looking RED eyes.
Looking back - it makes sense since her favorite color is red. 
(I don't like red... I won't even own a clock if the LCD display is red.)

Thursday, we dyed Easter Eggs.
Well, "we" may be an overstatement.  I dyed them while Kensley supervised.
Translation: Kensley watched a farm movie while I colored the eggs.

Notice that there are no red/pink eggs; there was a lesson learned here.
I also finished up Kensley's handprint bunny cards.
(I copied the idea off of Just For Fun)
Kensley received sidewalk chalk as an early Easter present; a HUGE hit!
Friday afternoon, Kensley found the Easter Bunny's stash.
{As if it was hid really well to start out with! Ha Ha}
Rob's sister recently got a duck, named Peepers, and we took Kensley to check him out!

She liked to chase him, but wasn't as determined as we thought to catch him.

Since Peepers wouldn't eat the rock Kensley offered him,
she decided that she would try it.

On Saturday, we went to Rob's Mom where the Easter Bunny made an early stop.

I don't know if Kensley was more excited, or me, over the PINK Little People airplane.
Since my Dad is a private pilot, this is a toy I've always wanted her to have!

After gifts were opened and dinner was enjoyed, the kids had a little Easter egg hunt.

She didn't quite seem to get to concept - she enjoyed dumping them out
more than searching to see how many eggs she could find!

Rob had a different method of delivery...
the kids thought it was neat trying to catch flying eggs in their baskets!

Cambreigh was tickled pink to "win the contest"
I guess she found the most eggs!

And of course, Zoe got in on the action... eggs are her FAVORITE!

Things quickly turned crazy as Rob and Gavin had a water balloon fight...

... and Rob's brother jumped him with his RC truck.
{I guess boys will ALWAYS be boys}

We wrapped up the afternoon by trying to get the *first* picture of all of the kids together.
4 kids, 5 and under is VERY challenging... but I was pleased with the
outcome considering how hard I was laughing.
Kensley is just SO rough!

If Itty Bitty survives until their 1st Birthday,
that in itself will be a reason to celebrate!

Easter morning Kensley woke up and instantly saw her new books!

Of all her goodies, her bath sponge pig and Tinker Bell crayons were her favorite.

After church they had an Easter egg hunt for the kids.
It was a slow start as she wanted to take the
easy way out and take Breona's eggs!

It was a nice treat to get to have Rob join us in church,
and Kensley couldn't get enough of her Daddy.

After a while, she caught on...

... but she enjoyed dumping them out more!
Check out that adorable card Kensley and Mamaw made us; priceless :)

Next, we headed to my Grandma and Papaw's house.

After enjoying some homemade hot rolls, Kensley got another gift from Vickie.

Vickie also got Kensley her Easter dress; I LOVE the bright colors and
none of the other litlte girls at chuch had a similar dress!  Whoo hoo!

Kensley's surprise was a {battery operated} Bubble Machine!

Then... things got weird, crazy, wild... and redneckish (is that even a word?)
Somehow, someone, got the bright idea to pull the boat, with the 4 wheeler, to the pond.

Unloading it proved to be entertaining, but I guess it paid off. 
After tinkering on the motor, it thankfully ran and didn't leave Tyler stranded!

By the end of the weekend, Kensley was exhausted but
she LOVED having Rob home with her all weekend.
We can't even remember the last time he was able
to spend the whole weekend with us!

Although we "milked" Easter all week long,
got special treats, and took extra fieldtrips,
I look forward, as Kensley grows older,

to teach her the real meaning of Easter!


Ina said...

Wow! It looks like you all had a super-busy, fun Easter! I love Kensley's dress and ladybug jammies :)
Sadly, we didn't get any good pics to share.

Lateshia said...

HOW FUN!!! Love Kens's dress!! ADORABLE! If you are not having another girl, feel free to send all of Kensley's outgrown clothes to us! LOL! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of the 4 kids. The one with Kens attacking them...priceless!