Window Shopping... Online

I'm sick today, which only sends me deeper into my "funk"  but... I am thankful that my parents offered to watch Kensley; she had a wonderful time at the park playing with them... and I love that my Mom sends "updates" so we don't worry about the Terrible-Two tantrum's she has begun to throw!

As I promised, this post wouldn't be as dreary... but I simply DON'T have the engery to search through new photos and edit them, so I'm snuggled up on the couch, doing a little retail therapy.

Okay, well, that might be a stretch. 

I'm not actually intending to PURCHASE any of these things (although I like them all well enough to spend Rob's hard earned money on them) but we're tight, we're frugal, we're savers... so tonight, I'm simply window shopping... online!

Random Item #1

Random Item #2

Random Item #3

Random Item #4

Random Item #5

What do YOU like to search for on the World Wide Web?

UPDATE:  After Rob read the blog, he said that I could buy Random Item #2
since I had to have it!  Wow - never saw that one coming :)  Should have tweaked the list more!

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