Superstitious... I Am Not!

It's no surprise, I'm not superstitious.

I just don't believe in crazy antics that people let run their lives.

If your nose itches, it doesn't mean that someone is coming to see you.
It means that you either need to pick it, or clean the dust out of your house!

If you break a mirror, it doesn't mean you'll have 7 years of bad luck.
It means that you should be careful while cleaning up the mess.

If you don't toss a pinch of salt over the left shoulder, the devil will not be waiting there.
It just means it's something else to clean up and you've wasted a precious seasoning.
{Rachel Ray might need to start reading my blog}
If you open an umbrella inside the house, it doesn't mean you'll have bad luck.
It means that it is time to invest in a new roof.
If a black cat walks away, it doesn't mean that it takes the good luck with it.
It just means that it is probably like our black cat, Bentli, who wanders around all day.


I started thinking about wanting to know itty bitty's gender.
{Although I'm NOT superstitious... I'm also NOT very patient}

I checked out the Chinese Calendar and given my age and month of conception,
it looks like we may be expecting a....

... drum roll please...

~ GIRL ~

We don't care about the gender, just hoping and praying for a healthy baby!

But it did get me to start thinking...

If we do have a GIRL just think of all the money we could save on books, toys, clothes, etc.
Wonder if God knows how big of tight-wads we really are?

Speaking of itty bitty, those of you who sit on the edge of your seat
every time you check the blog anxious for an update. 
Relax.  I'm about to tell you the latest!

While Mom and Dad were visiting my Grandparents in Florida,
they got itty bitty this adorable little newborn outfit. 
Thinking the green may be too "boyish'?

Let me remind you that this was one of my favorite outfits of Kensley's... because it was green!
If you're still worried... rest assured that I have a matching green bow!  Ha Ha

If itty bitty didn't already have a nickname, I think I would refer to it as "Houdini"
I wake up in the morning and look pretty normal.
Houdini, I mean, itty bitty, is getting rather good at the "disapearing act".

After a snack and a few bottles of water, the baby bump appears.
{Maybe it just means I have NO stomach muscles}

It's no secret that Kensley was "grown" on macaroni and cheese,
Yes, I will confess, for 2 weeks, Rob forbid me to eat it
worried it might not be the most healthy choice.

This time around, most days the thought or smell of
macaroni and cheese makes me want to lose my lunch.

So what am I eating?
100% pure goodness

Oh, yah, and lots of these!
The pink ones are my FAVORITE!
Think that's a sign?
Probably not... then I would be superstitious!

When we win the lottery
{ya know, if I actually believed in playing it}
I'm going to contact the Starburst jelly bean manufacturing plant
and have them send me 1 pound of just pink jelly beans!

Okay, so has the first food photo still have you stumped?

I'll let you in on the secret how to make the staple to itty bitty's survival.

Step 1:  Put a fresh flour tortilla on a large plate

Step 2: Place 3 spoonful's of your Grandma's home-grown corn on the tortilla
If you dont' have a Grandma, or she doesn't have a garden... I really dont' know what to tell you.
I guess you could try frozen corn but the secret is to cook it with 1/4 cup of sugar

Step 3:
Place in the microwave for 22 seconds
20 seconds is not enough and 25 seconds is too much - trust me, I would know

Step 4:
Sprinkle colby jack cheese onto the warm tortilla and corn

Step 5: Slice grape tomatoes and add to the mix

Step 6: Liberally sprinkle sliced petite dill pickles

Step 7: Top it off with {too much} salt

Step 8: Wrap it up, take a bite... and ponder making another!
Delicious, I tell ya' try it next time you're hungry. 

As for me, I am currently craving Funfetti rainbow chip frosting...
not the cake... just the frosting!


Corey said...

could you be skinnier?!?! the green outfit isn't too boy-ish... I actually wouldn't have put Cannon in it because it looks girly :) yay for itty bitty!

Megan said...

I can't get over your 'vanishing bump!' It's so funny to look back at your picture from 8 weeks and then looking at this new one...and I love the green...my girls wear lots & lots (especially after we didn't find out with either!) :)

PegramPack said...

I love the outfit CaS!

Lateshia said...

YEAH GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. And the outfit is adorable!!!

☆Sara☆ said...

I love having boys =) because they are instant best friends for life, I am not saying that if you have a boy that him and kensely wont be best friends too, its just fun having the same gender cuz they like to do all the same stuff =) And like you said it saves on clothes and toys (and space)! (But that doesnt mean that I dont want a girl too if I had my way I would have twin girls and then that would be it!) Anyways I cant wait to fin out what you are expecting!!!