Possible Explanation

So... after going to my 8th appointment in 8 weeks, Dr. Shockley may have
a possible explanation for my extreme exhaustion!

Itty Bitty's heartrate was 158 b/p/m and
I'm FINALLY back up to my pre-pregancy weight.
{How I'm supposed to gain his recomended 40 pounds in the next 26 weeks, I don't know...}

I had blood work done a week and a half ago when I was in the ER room, and some of my levels came back below normal.  My white blood count is low (not much of a surprise since I've been anemic most all of my life) but the actual size of the white cells were smaller than normal.

This may explain why I've had a cold for almost 4 weeks and simply just can't shake it.

As I continue to struggle just to survive, I had more intense blood work done yesterday. 
I love Tina, Dr. Shockley's phlebotomist; she's very skilled and has always been able
to get me on the first stick, with a small needle.

Yesterday was different.

She would stick me, the blood would start to fill up the vile, and then trickle down to nothing.

She would stick me again, and the same thing would happen.

After 3 attempts she decided that she would just have to work with
the amount of blood she already had drawn.

Dr. Shockley is questioning if I am able to reproduce enough blood to sustain me.  If my levels don't increase he suggested that I could be hospitalized and be given a blood transfusion.

No, this does NOT mean that for sure I will have to have one;
it's simply a form of treatment that was discussed.

Although I guess it came to a shock to me, I feel so bad, at this point,
I'm willing to do just about anything.

FYI: This week I've eaten 4 Arby's Roast Beef sandwiches and a steak for dinner trying to get some extra iron in my diet. If you're curious, no, they weren't tasty, but I thought I had to try to help myself.
Being a vegetarian for 7 years apparently had more of an effect on me than I originally thought!

But... to some degree, I am comforted to think that there may be a "quick fix"
and this feeling bad, isn't just in my head... I seriously was beginning to wonder!

I've never donated blood (haven't weighed enough and have a heart condition)
but I've always admired the people that have done it, to help or save the life of a stranger.

Now that I may be on the receiving end of it, it gives me a whole new outlook!

We hope to have the results back by Thursday, when I return for my follow up appointment from bleeding last week... and will get another ultrasound (#7 if anyone is counting)
... and may reconfirm Itty Bitty's gender!

I believe in the POWER OF PRAYER and have witnessed many miracles in my life.  I ask that you say a prayer for our family as we face this decision... or better yet...
that God would heal me before Thursday if it's His will!

On a positive note, at my last 2 appointments, they have my due date a week ahead
(back to the original one I told them I had calculated), so I may have "skipped" a week...
they are tracking me as being 14 weeks now!


Vicky said...

You, Rob and the babies are definitely in my prayers! God has it all under control. It's nice or should I say a little relieving when you find out what is wrong with you and it isn't in your head. I know with me I had no energy forever and began to feel maybe I was just lazy and it turned out I have hypo-thyroid.

Well with that heart rate I am pretty sure that you are having a BOY! Both of my boys were in that range, actually I should say all 3 of mine. LOL.

I pray things get better for you and you are able to feel better. It is bad enough to be sick but to be sick and pregnant...ugh.

Keep us posted :D I know ya will!

Corey said...

so remind me of the due date? and... I can totally help you gain that 40 pounds :) do you like brocili? lots of iron in that... :)

PegramPack said...

You are in my prayers--I say a prayer every night before I go to bed in fact. If it does turn out you need a blood transfusion, I pray that is all you need to get back on your feet and feel better ;-)