Picnic In The  Park  Parking Lot

Kensley has been learning the hard lesson about choices in life.

She has the ability to make {some} choices, but as a result,
poor choices will result in a consequence.

Kensley has made the choice to only desire to eat Oreo cookies and fruit snacks.


We keep giving her choices:

"Do you want strawberries or raspberries?"

"Do you want green beans or cucumbers?"

"Do you want milk or juice?"

Since she still doesn't talk, knowing what her answer is can be a challenge in itself,
but lately, it's been pretty clear.

She'll run to the cabinet where the snacks are kept for Rob's lunch!

So, as a frustrated parent who refuses to give in and let a 1 year old "win",
Kensley hasn't had too much to eat over the past few days.

{Remember: this is her choice}

While making a quick run to Walmart, Kensley decided that she wanted a banana.
Mamaw was nice enough to buy her one and made plans of taking her to the park for a picnic.

We never made it to the park; we barely even made it to the parking lot!
In the end, I am glad that Kensley chose something {within my standards}
that she wanted to eat and probably feels better now that her belly is full!


Corey said...

word to the wise... cannon ate TWO bananas this morning... diapers were not pretty today :)
we have a super picky eater too...

Lateshia said...

I love how she shovels it all in! Looks like my kids! Good for her eating a banana!

Vicky said...

LOL, that's cute! Kids...what are we gonna do with them??? :)